Meet The Man Behind Moos

We interviewed Moosa, the founder of Moos Salad Delivery in Ibiza to find out more about how he launched his sustainable business, with a clear passion for food and an insight into his exciting plans for the future.

What inspired you to set up Moos Salad Delivery?

When I was living in Amsterdam I used to have a stressful corporate job. The moment I moved to Ibiza, I knew I would never go back to the office job ever again. Since I was a teenager I have always been working in the hospitality industry, even during college and my university course. When I moved to the island, I started working as a bartender at the legendary Pikes and I loved the position. At some point I had to leave Ibiza for a while for personal reasons, so I went back to Amsterdam where I helped my parents to start a new business. They both left their respective companies and decided to fulfil personal dreams of having a restaurant. They didn’t have any hospitality experience whatsoever, so they asked me if I could help them out. They began only a year ago and are now running a successful business, they are doing really well! That made me realise that I also wanted this for myself. I’ve always enjoyed making drinks and food for people, whilst pouring a lot of love into it. I started talking to my friends and we all realised that there was limited possibility to order healthy food in Ibiza, whereas in Amsterdam or in UK there are endless options. That’s how the idea of Moos Salad Delivery was first formed.

You have always been around hospitality, where did your love of food come from?

I guess as a little kid because my Mom and Dad both were quite good in the kitchen. They both make delicious food, mainly Iranian food, and I also love to eat. I used to watch my parents cook, I always enjoyed it. Even by watching them, tasting and sometimes even stealing food whilst my mom was making the dinner. When I started to work in the industry as a teenager, I always watched chefs in action. I liked to observe and learn. My passion for healthy food came much later, when I was nearly 30 and realised I couldn’t eat everything I wanted, I needed to become more conscious and aware of my diet. At this point I started to become more interested in healthy foods, without compromising on taste and without weird diets.

Coming from an Iranian background, growing up in Netherlands and now living in Ibiza how do you think all these cultures and influences have directly impacted your cooking style?

Food is a really important part of Iranian culture. When my parents (especially my mum) cook, they are in the kitchen for hours, then we sit down to eat within 5 minutes! Funny thing is that Dutch culture is quite the opposite. They make something fast and they eat for hours. Iranian’s are really serious about their food, so you don’t simply make a sandwich. When we cook we always put a lot of love into it. This is the same with every single dish we make, it is always rich in flavour. If you look into Iranian cuisine, it’s quite refined as we use spices such as saffron and turmeric. Dissimilar to Indian food which is really spicy or Moroccan food that tends to be really sweet we have a unique flavour. When I was going to school my classmates used to have basic sandwiches of local breads and cheese … they would always want to swap with me. I had bread and cheese, and more fillings like meat, tomato, pickles and  lettuce, pure luxury… almost (laughs).

The perception around Ibiza doesn’t usually involve healthy living. How do you think healthy eating and living this movement in Ibiza has risen and come to prominence?

I don’t see it that way. I see pretty much everyone on the island is pre-occupied and busy with being healthy as part of their lifestyle. Even people who party a lot often need to have some balance, otherwise they wouldn’t survive. Some people party hard in the summer, whilst the whole winter they are trying to eat healthily by keeping a diet, detox etc. Some people do this all year round, balanced between a party lifestyle and healthy living. There are also people who don’t party anymore, doing yoga, meditation, healing and so on, it’s always an interesting island.

What else can we expect to see from Moos Salad Delivery in the future?

I always think BIG … so this is just the beginning! Once I’ve become an established business on the island, the options are endless. Mainland Spain, Mallorca… the sky is the limit. In the very near future we are going to change the menu to allow for the winter and also introduce exciting new hot dishes – stay tuned.

Moos Salad Delivery aims to be a sustainable business model through its locally sourced produce and plastic free packaging. What protocols are you taking to ensure you are an ethical and sustainable business?

All of our packaging is biodegradable, if we use plastic it is bio-plastic. We always try to be completely plastic free, but it is nearly impossible on an isolated territory. Luckily, we’ve found a really great company based in Barcelona that produces biodegradable food packaging. We are always trying to be as organic as possible, but that’s also not that easy, because organic vegetables degrade really quickly and the availability is sometimes limited. I’m trying to find a consistent balance in that also. At some point we want to switch across to electric cars and scooters for delivery. We’ve only really just begun, so I am going to do it step by step and make it permanent.

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to launch a sustainable business?

I would tell them to take is step by step as it takes a lot of time to find the correct resources and the right companies to work with. It’s not always easy, so don’t try to do it all at once and see what works for you best. For example, I’ve now got twelve suppliers and we’re a new business. It takes a lot of time and patience.

Taking into account Moos vibrant history and future plans, we see more and more businesses on the island of Ibiza making a marked difference with a refreshing approach to the wellbeing of our lands and it’s preservation, a true forward thinking company indeed. If you have any new concepts or ideas on how we can all collectively improve, or to suggest to a greater community, please email us directly and let’s share this knowledge and get motivating the masses.

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