Moos Kitchen Cala Llonga Ibiza - kombucha

With an ever emerging market of boutique ‘craft drinks’ all offering a refreshing change to the often artificial and sugar filled products that are served globally, Ibiza is forging through with a handful of carefully thought out, lovingly brewed alternatives that provide something a little different in flavour, character and of course, highlighted health compliments. Here’s our pick of the tastiest drinks we’ve found on the island and a little bit more about them…

Described as ‘Ibiza in a bottle’, Tea of Life Kombucha is a raw, fermented blend of organic sweet teas with an ancient probiotic culture, aptly named the “mother.” The mother transforms the sugars into healthy organic acids that help with digestion, clean the liver and also balance the pH of the body. This delicious drink, which is made from green tea, black tea, yerba mate and freshly squeezed ginger, helps to optimize the body’s PH which assists with liver function and the ideal assist with rejuvenation after a solid night out in Ibiza’s famed clubs. Filled with probiotic goodness including vitamin B and organic acids, Tea of Life Kombucha nurtures from the inside out and in our opinion, tastes absolutely great too!


Ibosim Brew House is the first microbrewery on the island of Ibiza and was born from a combined passion of craft beer and Ibiza itself from its founders. The talented pair who originally met at University in Barcelona, actively promote the island’s culture through their range of six craft beer variations, which are all made with 100% natural raw ingredients and brewed on site in Port Des Torrent. They offer all-year-round guided tours so you can drop by to taste the most popular in the range for yourself, whilst receiving an education around the process of creating craft beer. A great excuse for a day out filled with insight and a belly full of great tasting beer.

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EIVI is an Albariño from Galicia which is matured in oak for a few months and comes adorned with a beautiful bohemian bracelet which is a keepsake of the wine and a token of love and prosperity projected on the island of Ibiza.  This refreshing palette is delicately balanced with fine mild fruit acids and flavours of ripe citrus with passion fruit. The wine carries a delightful aroma and is the perfect addition to fish, seafood, and grilled meats. Available in eight different varieties, we suggest you enquire with the passionate EIVI team to discover the perfect tipple for you.


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BOTINK is a range of boutique tonic waters that are handcrafted on the island of Ibiza. Using only the finest in tonic water ingredients that are derived from the Congo in Africa, it is crisp, clean and dry/ bitter providing the perfect accompaniment to gin or vodka based drinks, and also  equally delicious consumed alone. Blended with spring water from the island itself, this delicious craft soft drink has both a subtle taste of the islands wild herbs and a touch of Japanese Yuzu for character and body. Exquisitely mastered and effortlessly cool, we suggest you try these to compliment your sunny day out with a fresh MOOS salad or in preparation for the abundant social scene that drives the island.


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This little selection should provide the perfect inspiration for liquid refreshment and keeping things cool and flavoursome whilst on your annual summer holiday, or a reminder to the island residents what great variety and brands we have active all year round. It goes without saying that these little gems all go great with a MOOS salad and will position you as the envy of your friends, sustained by locally sourced products.