5 Eco-Friendly Organisations In Ibiza

Ibiza is fast becoming a home for sustainable businesses, with more island based people now eco-active and conscious within their company models. This new trend is now extending as brands become accountable for their imprint and part of a global change. We’ve picked five local organisations that are currently part of the eco-friendly, sustainable solutions and plastic-free movement.

La Bella Verde

La Bella Verde is Ibiza based boat charter company with a fleet of solar powered eco-catamarans. They are pioneers of the green boating movement on a global scale. LBV boats have electric engines that are 100% solar powered with no fuel used at all. The green crew actively supports sustainable initiatives and is a part of the plastic-free movement on the island.

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EcoFeixes is the first organic cooperative on Ibiza and was launched a little over two years ago. The organisation is a formation of 12 farmers with over 8 hectares of land, collectively producing organic vegetables and fruits all year round. All their products are certified by the the Balearic Council for Organic Farming Production that verifies that no chemicals have been used whatsoever. You can get  delicious tray of seasonal eco-produce from their headquarters in Dona Blanca every Wednesdays between 6 and 8:30pm.

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Pachamama is a new store located in San Antonio promoting sustainable shopping. They are the first store in Ibiza to sell in ecological products in bulk. The business actively supports zero waste movement. Pachamama offers grains, fruit, vegetables, body care, cleaning products and more. Their products can be purchased by weight in desired quantity, without the use of unnecessary packaging.

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Ibiza Preservation Fund

The Ibiza Preservation Fund was first initiated in 2008 by a group of frequent island visitors, in response to observing destructive growth patterns and environmental degradation across the island and caused by mass tourism impacts. Since launch, the organisation has engaged 36 prominent projects all related to tourism, land usage, water, waste, energy, biodiversity and also transport, collecting over €1 million in donations to support their aim to resolve, restore and sustain the beautiful island.



Moos Salad Delivery

Moos Salad Delivery is a new sustainable business in Ibiza. The mission is to provide a clear balance between healthy lifestyles and the existing party ethic the island is broadly known. Moos delivers daily, offering freshly made salads to customers direct to their homes, villa, holiday apartment, workplace, boat and even beach. Moos salads are filling, nutritional meal options, and always organic where possible, including biodegradable packaging. A new definition of salad and fast food for Ibiza, with plenty more amazing natural assets coming soon that will set the scene for reliable positive dietary resources right here!

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